Anonymous 1 and 2 at The Friendship Blog

I began posting to Dr. Irene’s “The Friendship Blog” around September or October 2011 under the name “Eagle Wings”.

There is a blog and a series of forums there.

It seemed like a pretty nice site at first, and I would drop in and visit daily. I enjoyed chatting with other people there, and I sincerely wanted to help people who wrote in for advice.

Within my first few days of posting there, however, a poster who posts as “Anonymous” began pestering me and harassing me. I will refer to this person as “Anonymous 1,” although her screen name is displayed on the site as “Anonymous.”

People at Dr. Irene’s blog can post as “Anonymous.”

One is not required to sign in with a regular user name and verified e-mail, which makes trolling, flaming, and other harassment quite easy to achieve, and some there really do take advantage of it. If one does not log in, one’s posts will automatically appear as being by “Anonymous.”

You can read more about what a problem it is to permit people to post Anonymously at forums and blogs at this page, which I found today (February 1, 2012):
Topix Forums: Cyberbullying

Within my first week or two at that site, this particular Anonymous poster, “Anonymous 1” would leave catty, snotty messages about me.

It began when some 20-something girl named Lori or Laura wrote in to say she was having problems with a female roommate who was a lesbian and had a crush on her.

Because I could not understand everything this Laura person was saying, I had to ask her follow-up questions, so I could offer advice.

Me asking this Laura person questions really, for some reason I do not fathom, angered and annoyed “Anonymous 1.”

“Anonymous 1” would usually complain about me to Irene, the site’s owner, in those threads, rather than speak to me directly – which is terribly immature, codependent, catty, passive-aggressive behavior.

“Anonymous 1” would say things about me to others such as,

“Eagle Wings is acting like a hall monitor. Dr. Irene, tell Eagle Wings to stop “grilling” people who write in for advice. She treats them like they are on a witness stand.”

“Anonymous 1” would also say things such as,

“Dr. Irene, tell Eagle Wings to stop acting bossy. She is not a moderator here. Tell her to stop acting like this is her blog. It is not her blog”

If I remember right, within a few days or weeks, “Anonymous 1” also began insisting that Dr. Irene ban me or remove my posts, or implying that I should be removed.

Here “Anonymous 1” was accusing me of acting bossy and ordering people around and telling them when, how, and what to post (which I was not doing), but she herself was doing this, she was the one acting bossy and so forth.

“Anonymous 1” is a hypocritical jerk.

I imagine, given the amount of immaturity and passive aggressiveness she displays, that she must be a 20 year old college kid sucking up Ramen noodles in her dorm room. I have a very hard time believing she’s over 30 years old.

That whiny, little passive-aggressive rat continued for months afterwards (even when I would stay away from that site for weeks) to pester me, leave rude comments about me, and whine, whine, whine. I’ve never seen anyone whine as much as she does. She needs to grow up.

She’s also a coward. She will not post under a single screen name and stick to it, but always posted as “Anonymous.” Way to take responsibility for your own views and actions!

I asked her numerous times to speak to me directly on the blog, or to e-mail me (and I gave her my e-mail publicly) so that we could discuss our differences, and I was quite willing to remain polite to her, but she always refused… because she’s a cowardly, immature dolt who prefers to tattle and whine to a third party, the site’s owner.

Anonymous 2

There was another Anonymous poster at “The Friendship Blog” (I will call her “Anonymous 2”) who gave me grief at that blog too. I may discuss her later, but what I will say for now is this:

“Anonymous 2” had the rude habit of running around telling me that I am a “coward” (which is ironic, considering she posts as “Anonymous” and I at least used a screen name), and so on.

Her rationale for calling me a “coward” is that I do not always believe it is necessary for one friend to tell another why she’s being broken up with.

“Anonymous 2” also made cheap shots about my family member’s death, in a thread where some young lady was talking about friendship problems, where I mentioned my family member’s death, to try to give encouragement to the young lady.

Interestingly and inexplicably, Dr. Irene, who runs the blog, did not delete that highly offensive and disgusting post, but removed mine, the one where I told “Anonymous 2” that her post was reprehensible.
I notice this following page, which I found today, February 2, 2012, contains much of the same information I gave Dr. Irene on how to cut down the amount of bullying and trolling that takes place on her her “Friendship Blog”:

Topix Forums: Cyberbullying [how to put a stop to it]

    …. While it may be too little too late for TOPIX, the following changes might succeed in demonstrating some ethical concern about the problem created by TOPIX FORUMS:

    1) Make people register.
    It’s not a perfect solution because anyone can make up an email address, but at least it gives people reason to pause before posting. It seems to have worked for the majority of blog sites.

    2) Allow people who have been commented about to request removal.
    Interestingly, TOPIX has been forced to do this in Switzerland, where the law gives one the right to not have comments made about them on the internet. No such law exists in the United States.

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