The Role of Codependency in Friendships

Some of the women, including the catty ones, at “The Friendship Blog” wrongly assumed that I was trying to “thread hi jack” topics at that blog because I frequently broached the topic of codependency at that “Friendship” blog. Some said it was off topic.

On the contrary, I would not discuss the topic if it were not relevant, obviously.

The vast majority of the problems I see on advice blogs and sites are by people who display codependent tendencies.

I suffered from codependency myself for many years of my life (something which I mentioned many times at the blog, yet some of the women there act ignorant of that fact), so I am well acquainted with it and can easily spot it in others. One does not need to be a therapist, psychiatrist, or psychologist to recognize it in other people.

I also notice that because they are typically replying to codependents, that therapists, including Dr. Irene, who owns “The Friendship Blog,” gives the same type of advice repeatedly.

Codependents have many habits and symptoms, one of which is that they are scared or reluctant to confront people directly.

This is why one will frequently see women write in to say things such as, “Can someone please tell me why my friend Mary of five years has suddenly stopped talking to me?,” and the therapist will ask her, “Have you asked Mary why she no longer talks to you?,” and the woman will almost always reply, “No I have not asked her. I am afraid to.”

I see that sort of pattern all the time in posts at “The Friendship Blog,” at other blogs, and in conversations with other women in real life. That is the one reason I mentioned codependency as often as I did at “The Friendship Blog.”

I was not bringing up the subject of codependency for the heck of it or for no reason, but because I see it in so many people who write in for advice.

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