Sounds Like ‘The Friendship Blog’

People at Dr. Irene’s blog, “Friendship Blog” can post as “Anonymous.”

One is not required to sign in with a regular user name and verified e-mail, which makes trolling, flaming, and other harassment quite easy to achieve, and some there really do take advantage of it. If one does not log in, one’s posts will automatically appear as being by “Anonymous.”

I should also mention, though, the even members who register and use a regular screen name are pretty much permitted by Dr. Irene to flame and harass other members as well. It’s not only Anonymous members who create problems, but they do play a significant role.

I notice this following page, which I found today, contains much of the same information I gave Dr. Irene on how to cut down the amount of bullying and trolling that takes place on her her “Friendship Blog

Topix Forums: Cyberbullying [how to put a stop to it]

    …. While it may be too little too late for TOPIX, the following changes might succeed in demonstrating some ethical concern about the problem created by TOPIX FORUMS:

    1) Make people register.
    It’s not a perfect solution because anyone can make up an email address, but at least it gives people reason to pause before posting. It seems to have worked for the majority of blog sites.

    2) Allow people who have been commented about to request removal [of abusive things that have been written about them].
    Interestingly, TOPIX has been forced to do this in Switzerland, where the law gives one the right to not have comments made about them on the internet. No such law exists in the United States.

This also sounds a lot like Dr. Irene’s blog (this is about Topix; source) :

    Katelynn, Ryan and Jasmine Bennett might be alive today if Topix did things differently.

    Mother Amanda Bennett was distraught over marriage problems and decided to vent on the local anonymous Topix forum.

    Posts blamed Amanda for the problems in her life and while others made more helpful comments, the reality is that hurtful comments on Topix are etched into eternity on the internet, giving the victim no hope of removing their sting over time.

    Most respected forum sites would have abuse reporting and removal systems in place which would, when the thread gets too heated, allow for posts to be deleted.

    Not so with Topix who tells people to use an abuse reporting system that they take months to respond to and history shows, rarely actually do anything.

    That would have been months too late for Amanda whose life was in crisis and who needed to understand that the website that she was using is much more widely known for trolls and abuse than a destination for helpful life guidance.

    Topix views all of it as free speech, but the problem is that by the time the legal system can activate the removal of posts through police or legal subpoenas its often too late. In many cases, what is posted simply might not break the law.

    It just may be an opinion which is best withheld, a self restraint that Topix just can’t count on happening all of the time. And with nobody manning the phone at there is almost nothing anyone can do until its too late and the police step in.

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