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Please be sure to read the most important post at this blog:
A Warning About The Friendship Blog – Toxic – Unfriendly Bullied Bullies Trolls Dr Irene S Levine

I left a post in response to Irene’s post today (June 13, 2012); she is owner of The Friendship Blog (and forums). I don’t know if my response to Irene’s post will remain on Irene’s forum, or if parts of it will be censored, so I will place a copy of it below.

I first wrote about Irene’s false / inaccurate post here, so please see that for background information.

Before I get to that, I wanted to comment on some of the other content I saw in that thread (“This forum needs a registered moderator“) since I last left.

(I have not bothered at this time to read Irene’s new content which she pinned on top of Wonder Why’s original post at some stage, I don’t know when. I did skim what she wrote, but it seemed like a very long excuse and rationalization as to why she permits trolling to continue, such as she cannot “afford to hire a moderator,” and so on.)

One of the first things I noticed is that the trolling has taken off even more. The second half of that page (where I did not post as “Anonymous;” I posted under my screen name “Eagle Wings”) was filled with Anonymous posters either sniping at each other, pretending that they were me, or assuming other Anonymous posters were me (again, I didn’t post as “Anonymous” at that point).

I saw one or two posts by Wonder Why in that thread, which I discussed here. I left her one or two posts at Irene’s blog today as well.

I did leave a couple of posts clarifying things in that thread, such as:

Wasn’t Me

I don’t know who made that post, but it wasn’t me.

Which is the absolute truth; I was not the one who wrote a post called “Talk About Scapegoating,” but one or two trolls there were saying it’s me.

The trolling is so bad at this point, it’s rather hard to tell who is a genuine poster who finds me annoying, and who the trolls are (who don’t find me annoying but just saying they do to keep the chaos going).

For example, some rude idiot made this whiny post:

Two Peas in a Pod

you two are peas in a pod and both are rudeOn June 3rd, 2012 Anonymous said:

Wonder Why and Eagle Wings, who is the Anonymous poster Wonder Why just responded to but doesn’t seem to realize it, are alike: Both are repetitive in their whining about and obsession with Irene’s blog; both of them act like it’s their blog to run as they see fit. It’s not. If you don’t like it, leave. It’s that simple. Shut up and go away. You are both annoying as hell.

First of all, no, I was not the Anonymous poster Wonder Why was replying to at that point.

Secondly, as I have no idea if that person is an honest to goodness regular poster at The Friendship blog / forum or a regular, every day troll, I don’t even know how to respond to it. (I find the Anonymous trolling posters rude and annoying.)

I would say that the Anonymous posters who continue to post about Wonder Why and me (even though I stay away from that blog and forum for weeks or months) are obsessed.

I cut back my participation at The Friendship Blog, but Wonder Why and several of the same mean-spirited Anonymous posters continue to post there weekly or daily.

I’m interested in justice, which is why I keep writing about this and going back there – to defend myself and to warn others about the dangers of getting involved there.

I also refuse to be bullied away. I did nothing wrong.

I left one of the moronic, Anonymous bitches this reply (the one who said we were “peas in a pod”):

Wow, Anonymous. By that description, that makes Wonder Why, me, you and several other “Anonymous” posters at this site “ten (or more) peas in a pod” and “annoying as hell.”

To the Anonymous person who was slow to catch on as to why I made this blog (even though I explain it quite clearly in the “About” page and one of the earliest blog pages, and though it should be self evident to anyone with a working brain:

Anonymous said,
“I have two questions…One, what kind of person creates a blog that bashes another blog in the name of friendship and picks apart the postings on the blog?”

People who get flamed, harassed, and bullied from saying their piece on the original blog, maybe?

People who find their posts, where they are only defending themselves from the abuse, deleted, while the posts of the abusers are permitted to stand?

And the irony… you’re posting as “Anonymous.”

Anonymous said,
you two (WW & EW): Go outside, get some sun, get some air, get a life. I mean, try to make a life with good friends outside of this blasted friendship blog.

And you’re assuming I don’t do any of those things? Interesting.

By the way, I spend weeks or months away from this blog, but you and a few others are on here every single blessed day (which I can see from the time/date stamps when I do return) – and continue to insult people who haven’t been on the blog in weeks or months – that says a lot more about you than about them.

You do have to seriously wonder about posters at a blog who keep gossiping about a person (me) who only shows up to post about once every 3 to 4 months, if that.


Here is my reply to Irene, in response to her post about me (which I wrote of in the second half of this post at this blog):


As my screen name was not specifically mentioned in your post, I’m not sure how much of it was about me, but it sure appears to be about me (in some parts). Your post, the portions about me, is not accurate or truthful. I did not make any “inappropriate comments.”

On the contrary, I was on the receiving end of “inappropriate comments.”

I was harassed frequently at your blog by people posting under the “Anonymous” moniker and, including, and astonishingly, by one member (Wonder Why) who made an entire thread for the express purpose of bashing me, and where readers joined in with more bashing in the comment area.
This nasty thread was permitted to remain standing, even though I asked in private that it please be removed.

The only purpose such a thread serves it to create a hostile atmosphere and to encourage even more abuse and more trolling to occur (which it did).

When I e-mailed you in private and asked you to put a halt to the abuse, you did not command me to stay away from your blog.

You merely suggested if I find it an uncomfortable place to post, that perhaps I should consider staying away.

I never agreed to stay away from your forums or blog permanently.

When I e-mailed you back, my overall response was a “You’re kidding right? I’m being abused at your blog, but you’re asking the victim (me) to stay away but permitting the abusers to continue posting?”

I notice since I’ve left that other people have also been stalked and harassed. Some have e-mailed me about it, and asked me to look at the posts.

I see that poster “Wonder Why” was trolled and abused in another thread in my absence (someone e mailed me and asked me to look at that thread).

Wonder Why does have an anger issue, but she appeared to be trying to keep her cool in that thread, and she asked for your assistance.

She asked for your protection from the aggressive people, but you sided with the aggressors against the victim (yet again), and actually suggested to her that she may be playing a role in her own abuse – as much as I dislike her personality, an objective reading of that thread shows someone (i.e., Wonder Why) getting unfairly beat up by several posters, by no fault of her own.

I find it terrible that not only do you permit people to be abused on your blog and forums, but when they voluntarily take a break from your site, you tell an inaccurate, false view about them in their absence to explain their departure.

I did not violate your blog’s guidelines. I truly tried to be helpful to the people who were posting here.

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