Making Friends Beyond Your Twenties

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Making Friends Post 20-Something Is Harder Than Meeting a Mate
by Natalie Thomas

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Making Friends Post 20-Something Is Harder Than Meeting a Mate
by Natalie Thomas

I craved companionship. It was clear what I had to do: I needed to make some new friends — and stat. But how?

I thought back to the advice I’d repeatedly given over the years to my single friends looking to meet a mate: Get involved, do things you love. So I signed up for a charity, found a Pilates studio and tried a book group. And, like my friends have reported back countless times before — which I never quite believed until now, for various reasons — none of them worked. I also tried becoming closer with the few people I casually knew out here to no avail. I’m not sure whether it’s the distance, the already-full schedule or just plain me, but any way you slice it, we’re not hanging out and that bums me out.

….Meeting a significant other is hard, no doubt. But, I would argue, making friends in your late 20s and early 30s is harder. At least with a romantic interest there’s flirting, chemistry and incentive. And, maybe even the added benefit of making friends with or through them. Now that I’m married, in my early 30s, currently working from home and in a new city, never before has making friends been so challenging.

And, I know I’m not alone. I’ve had this conversation with plenty who share my plight. So, if there are so many of us in the same boat, what are we waiting for? Let’s sail… to Friendship Island, grab some margs and get to chatting!