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This is probably the single most important post at this blog:
Link: A Warning About The Friendship Blog – It is Toxic – Unfriendly It’s Filled With Bullies and Trolls

I posted to “The Friendship Blog” for awhile (link to the Friendship Blog’s home page). I was bullied and harassed there, and so were a few others.

I tried bringing this fact to the attention of that site’s owner (Dr. Irene L., who is a therapist), but she seemed very apathetic about it. Her solution (to me in an e-mail, after I contacted her in private) was not to make the bullies behave… but to suggest that I, the target, should stop visiting her site.

I thought that was odd, since therapists usually encourage people to confront their problems and work directly with people to resolve those problems, not run away from them.

I cannot get a fair hearing at Dr. Irene’s site, as it is over run by trolls and abusive posters.

Dr. Irene also has a tendency to delete posts by the targets of bullying at her site, so that one cannot get the target’s side of events. That is one reason why I made this blog.

Anyway, this blog details my experiences at that site, which turned toxic.

If You Have Been Abused or Harassed at The Friendship Blog

If you were bullied or treated badly at The Friendship Blog, and you’d like to share your story on this blog, please e – mail me with your story (my address is wingseagle27 AT yahoo DOT com), and I can make a guest post on your behalf here. You are also welcome to log in and leave posts discussing what happened to you.

How To Stop Online Abuse

I asked Dr. Irene in private to please remove the abusive posts made about me that were not in direct response to posts I had made (such as the one made by member “Wonder Why” which was created only to harass me, it was not in direct response to any post I had made), but she refused to do so.

I notice this following page, which I found today, February 2, 2012, contains much of the same information I gave Dr. Irene on how to cut down the amount of bullying and trolling that takes place on her her “Friendship Blog”:

Topix Forums: Cyberbullying [how to put a stop to it]

    …. While it may be too little too late for TOPIX, the following changes might succeed in demonstrating some ethical concern about the problem created by TOPIX FORUMS:

1) Make people register.
It’s not a perfect solution because anyone can make up an email address, but at least it gives people reason to pause before posting. It seems to have worked for the majority of blog sites.

2) Allow people who have been commented about to request removal [of abusive things that have been written about them]
Interestingly, TOPIX has been forced to do this in Switzerland, where the law gives one the right to not have comments made about them on the internet. No such law exists in the United States.

Edit of June 2013

I visted “The Friendship Blog” a few months ago. Since the Friendship Blog got a new re-design, Dr. Irene got her web designer to delete some of the contentious posts that I asked her to delete many months before (posts where I was attacked for no good reason). I have no idea why she did not delete them back when I asked her to and waited until much, much later.

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