Annoying Habit of Females : They Ignore or Dump Female Friends When They Get Married or Get a Boyfriend

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A Warning About The Friendship Blog – Toxic – Unfriendly Bullied Bullies Trolls Dr Irene S Levine

I have not visited or posted to Dr Levine’s “Friendship” blog since around June 22/23 of 2012. Anyone posting there under my name, or pretending to be me under the name “Anonymous” after that time, is a liar – and a few were already posting as me prior to that date, so you can’t trust all those posts, either (the “Anonymous” ones).
This is from a dating advice article, but at least one part of it is applicable to female friendships. I have known women, mostly when I was in my teens and 20s, who were on fairly good terms with me, but who would begin ignoring me once they got a boyfriend (or got married). It’s very annoying behavior. This article below tells women of all ages to STOP DOING THIS. Stop placing your boyfriend or husband as the only focal point in your life, stop ignoring your female friends.

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6. LOSING YOURSELF: Something that I see very often is that once a woman starts dating a guy that she’s interested in, she forgets her friends and the life she had before meeting him. For example, have you ever had plans with your girlfriends, but immediately dropped your girlfriends because your new guy invited you out on a date? Men (and people in general) are attracted to people who have a well-rounded life full and are more appreciative of you and your time when you fit them into your schedule.

Solution: Don’t make your life revolve around his life. Don’t be afraid to have a life of your own.


Hard To Make Friends

It is a mystery how some people make friends so easily while others struggle with it their whole lives.

This was also published in Ask Amy today.

    Dear Amy: I’d like some feedback from you and your readers.

    If I meet 100 people, I hit it off with two or three of them and launch a friendship, some 96-97 of them have no particular reaction to me, and then every now and then someone just takes an instant disliking to me — without my ever speaking a word to them.

    What’s up with this? Do other people have this experience or is it just me?

    I’m too embarrassed to ask my friends.

    — Socially Curious

The Cess Pool That Is The Friendship Blog / False Accusation

Please be sure to read the most important post at this blog:
A Warning About The Friendship Blog – Toxic – Unfriendly Bullied Bullies Trolls Dr Irene S Levine

A former fellow “Friendship Blog” member e-mailed me recently (again) to tell me to go take another look at the Friendship Blog, at one thread specifically, which I did.

(I discovered on that follow-up visit to the Friendship blog and forum that Dr. Irene Levine made a false accusation about a poster (me), which I discuss towards the end of this post.)

Here was the thread this person wanted me to look at, which is a thread begun by member Wonder Why (see also: Yep, Wonder Why is Codepdendent):

40s and full of acquaintances but no really close friends

The person who e-mailed me thinks Wonder Why sounds nutty in that thread.

The things that struck me about her main post and her follow up posts are as follows: